Welcome to Freshtables! My name is Chris Toms and I’m the creative mind behind Freshtables.

About Freshtables

Freshtables is the combination of two words: Fresh and Vegetables. Freshtables was born in 2007, when I began developing a website of my photography. I was thinking about sitting around a table with friends looking at photos, and I envisioned a handful of Polaroids being tossed onto a table for people to view — for some reason the image of fresh vegetables tumbling out of a colander came to my mind. Hence: Freshtables!

OK, but what the heck is Freshtables.ca?
Freshtables.ca is a place of discovery and creative inspiration. From music to art and t-shirts, I’ve got it all!

What inspired Freshtables?
Freshtables is a physical representation of the creativity and passion in my life. It is a beacon of inspiration for me, a light that helps me to explore and experience the world of creativity. And I hope it is a beacon for others as well, an inspiration for other people to follow their creative spirit and do what they love, whatever that might be. For me this is music, design, technology and photography, for you it might be writing, design, baking, programming — whatever it is, I hope Freshtables inspires you to follow your own passion!

About the Logo

What about that sweet logo?
In 2009, two years after Freshtables was born, I decided I needed a visual identity, a logo. I approached good friend and incredible artist James White of Signalnoise.com and he generously agreed to put his own creative juices to work to design a logo. 

Here’s what James said inspired him: “The little bad-ass radish was born out of a combination of vegetation, tribal masks, Playmobil and Super Mario Bros…”

About Chris Toms

I entered the music scene as DJ Heartattack in 1995, when I launched a Jungle, Drum & Base radio show on CKDU (88.1FM) (ckdu.ca) called “Hardcore Nightmares on Wax.” I still do the show, now called “Freshtables,” every Wednesday night, though now I cover the latest in electronic dance music (EDM). Over the years I’ve introduced local listeners to the sounds of Jungle, DubStep, and Moombahton. 

I continue to spin Drum & Bass, Bass / Dubstep, Trap / Future Bass, House, Bass House, Progressive House, Tech House, Future House, Deep House, Electro House, and Indie Dance / Nu-Disco whenever I get the chance. Find out where I’ll be next at www.freshtables.ca/dates/

Two years after starting the radio show, in 1997, partners and I launched Triple-Bypass.com, an online urban music magazine and radio station, and Platform Network (platform.net) partner. I ran the whole technical side of the site, produced my own online show, did music/product reviews, managed the line-up of artists, and interviewed some awesome artists like DJ Aphrodite, Breakbeat Era, Freestylers and Dubpistols. One of the coolest things we did at Triple-Bypass was the live online broadcast of a 24-hour rave with partners Real Networks and local telco Aliant. People from all over the world tuned in to hear our local DJs spin.

DJ Olympics
At the same time I was working on Triple-Bypass.com, I also became the technical lead, sponsorship manager and co-producer for the DJ Olympics in Halifax. Although the DJ Olympics provided a competitive platform for the four elements of hip hop (Turntablist/DJ, MC , Beatbox, Bboy/Bgirl), seeing the likes of Skratch Bastid, Sixtoo (now Block Univers), CBC Radio’s very own Rich Terfry (Buck65/Stinkin’ Rich), DJ IV (Classified’s official DJ), DJ Tom Flemming, DJ Cosmo and Quake, it went beyond that by including an additional category which saw the top House/Techno, Drum & Bass/Jungle DJ’s face off for DJ supremacy. I worked with this organization for over a decade, bringing in a number of well-known DJs, including DJ Swamp, Dynamic Syncopation, DJ Food and Fink. In 2008, on the 10th Anniversary of The DJ Olympics, our team brought Tiesto to Halifax for the first time.

Chris the Professional
I’ve also been a part of award-winning digital consumer experiences through my 22 years in the digital industry. An entrepreneur at heart and with credentials in nearly every related industry, I’ve had the pleasure of working with CBC, MSN, R/GA, Roku, Shaw, Corus, Target, ENYCE, Shopify, Pearson, Fox Sports, Scholastic, HarperCollins, Microsoft Canada, Discovery Network, Sony Pictures Television, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, TBS/TNT and Turner Sports.

Whether I was working in web design/development, management, operations, sales, business development, account management, I have always been able to build strong client relationships.