About Me & My Photography

Chris TomsFor over 17 years, I have been actively involved with the new media, music and technology industries. I have held varying positions including web developer, graphic designer, internet broadcast specialist, producer, project manager, president, business development manager, videographer, and key partner of an award-winning Website Development Company.

The experiences from these diverse roles have provided me with the foundation to be unique, creative and successful with my client interactions and deliverables. From webpage design to developing creative concepts for an upcoming marketing campaign, I have earned the trust of my clients by being able to understand and translate their needs into positive outcomes.

I have had the opportunity to work with clients such as ENYCE, MSN, Microsoft Canada, Target, Scholastic, HarperCollins, and Discovery Network. The combination of interesting clients, challenging initiatives and the chance to occupy diverse roles within these projects has provided me with a comprehensive appreciation for the linkage between change and how change impacts people, process and technology.

My photography career started about 7 years ago when my mother gave me a Canon point & shoot that she had won (some kind of draw) and, although I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures, it’s been an obsession ever since. I went from that little Canon Powershot to a G7 to a 7D.

I can never take enough pictures. So many things jump out at me for their beauty or uniqueness that if I didn’t love holding my son so much, I’d have my camera permanently attached to my hand!

Being both Director of New Business & Digital at Impact, a Nova Scotia Agency, allows me to put my “good eye” to work for our clients. I have contributed my photography to many projects and pitches; the more I can incorporate what I enjoy doing into my daily life the happier I am (“Do more of what makes you happy” Johnny Cupcakes).

I’m a people person (I’m actually an extrovert on steroids) and one of the things that I enjoy is creative collaboration with others so I’m always open to working on an idea or a concept especially if it involves my photography.
Freshtables is my venture at making my love for photography, music and design the focus of my creative energies, the remaining 90% of which belongs to my family.

Specialties: Creative Thinker, Thought Leadership, Business Development & Client Relations, Photographer, DJ